The Donald Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation

Paulsen Productions, Inc. uses a widely recognized and accepted standard of training evaluation for all of its programs. What follows is a brief description of Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation, the integration of this feedback into all of Paulsen Productions, Inc. programs, and how we share it with the client.

  1. The purpose of Level One evaluation is to track customer satisfaction. Participants complete an assessed of how they liked the training program, the instructors, and how useful they expect the training to be in the future.
  2. Assessing the degree of learning is Level Two. Participants chart their own progress throughout the program in physical skills and also in delivered modules. This progress is reviewed privately with an instructor during the program. This critique, along with their personal videotape, is then used as a post-program resource for continued personal growth.
  3. Level Three is one component used to determine Return On Investment. Our Level Three evaluation questions frequency of behavioral changes by the participants in two distinct categories – physical skills and subject matter retention.
  4. Kirkpatrick’s Fourth Level of evaluation is a measurement of improved business outcomes, both financial and non-financial, as a result of training received. Examples of non-financial improvement would include reduced turnover and better customer interaction. While subjective, Level Four provides information to be used in alignment with the client’s goals.

At Paulsen Productions, Inc., we utilize all four Kirkpatrick Evaluation Levels throughout all of our training programs. Participants complete Levels One and Two assessments during each program. They are then asked to complete Evaluation Levels Three and Four 30 days post-program. Managers are also asked to complete Levels Three and Four 45 days post-program. The information collected in levels Three and Four from both the participants and the managers is compiled and forwarded to the client within 14 days. Paulsen Productions, Inc. is dedicated to the personal and professional growth and success of our clients.

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