Presentation Skills Dynamics

Presentation Skills

The importance of the delivery of concise information cannot be overstated. This group program begins with an interview/discovery process of each participant to learn the objectives and current issues they face. Each participant will get extensive training and live rehearsal in presentation organization and in the physical delivery of a message using a copywritten methodology. Modules are videotaped and reviewed with each participant, including privately with one of the Certified Speaking Professional InstructorsSM.

Extreme SalesSM

This workshop contains no sales theory  It is filled with live role-playing in the most critical aspects of selling – prospecting, presenting, probing, and negotiating. This workshop will truly separate your company from your competition since you must rely upon the quality and level of professionalism of your salesforce. Studies show that price is rarely the number one factor in the buying decision. The advantage you gain with this workshop will make the difference between winning and losing key business opportunities.

Trade Show TacticsSM

Turn trade shows from an obligation into productive sales opportunities. The experts and sales force members who staff your booth need to work as a team in order to make the most of every encounter. Trade Show TacticsSM is a boot camp for your booth. Probing and Team Tactics are just two of the modules included in the program.

C-Level Individual

Image and Message are paramount in communication.When delivering speeches to your Board of Directors, shareholders, press, and to your company, everyone is focused upon you and your message. This one-day individual program gives senior level management the opportunity to organize and rehearse delivery of critical messages for maximum impact.

Corporate Client List

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