C-Level Individual Program

The C-Level Individual Program is designed for the Corporate Representative when image and the corporate vision must be at the heart of all internal and external communications. It begins with individual interviews with the participant and with four surrounding colleagues. The information gathered is used to create an extremely personalized, one-day session to construct the ideal message in both content and in delivery. Heavy emphasis is placed upon personal style and the corporate image. The participant leaves with a Resource Manual, a CD-ROM of information, the videotape of all rehearsal and exercises, and a Certificate of Completion. The participant is consulted for Kirkpatrick level 3 and 4 feedback 30 days post-program. The program includes a second, full-day session within twelve months, and unlimited phone consultation. Additional post-program onsite coaching and consultation is available.

Modules IncludedElective Modules
Personal ImagePremise
Corporate ImageMedia Preparation
Presentation OrganizationUnexpected Issues
Visual AidsTeleprompter
Managing QuestionsLectern
Business Protocol

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