Cheryl Kaspar
Cheryl Kaspar
Executive Vice President / CFO

Cheryl has been with Paulsen Productions since 1999 and is the Executive Vice President / CFO. She brings a strong financial and IT background to the company.

Attending Northern Illinois University, Cheryl graduated with dual degrees in Finance and Computer Science. She then worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, managing mergers and acquisitions, and processing classified information. Leaving the Federal Reserve, Cheryl served as a consultant to new businesses, helping them create business and financial plans. She has written several manuals and conducted training on computer systems.

Cheryl’s work with non-profit groups has been one of her passions. She has become a strong advocate for their causes. She has made presentations to civic groups and governmental bodies to affect positive change.
Currently she is very involved with providing support and services for the youth of America – consulting with agencies focused on a positive, pro-active approach to healthy lifestyles. In addition, she works closely with companies around the world negotiating contracts and setting up partnerships with our international clients.

Cheryl’s leadership, vision, and management experience in all facets of ownership are an asset to building strong corporate ties. She is driven to develop people and corporations to achieve their highest potentials through personal and professional development.